Number Four Feel Good Great Book

The number four book is Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert..

I hate to hear myself write this out loud, but aside from a tiny minority of individuals, don’t we all want to find that partner, teammate, other-half?  Gilbert, responsible for the EAT, PRAY, LOVE goodness explosion, not surprisingly, is meticulous in her describing the history of the institution of marriage.  Culturally, wedlock ceremonies that I couldn’t even invent happening in real life, have happened, and throughout history. 

Gilbert makes perfectly clear, in a perfect way, that it cannot be an unhealthy relationship.  It’s a tricky hypothetical line to cross, because an unhealthy bond. is worse than being alone. Gilbert draws a picture and on it there’s a huge splatter of gray that bleeds in every direction.  Meaning unions of the human variation are complicated and sadly, a little more often than not, a million variables can make for a bad explosion yet almost as often it's a harmonious explosion.

I remain hopeful because this book by Gilbert rests safely on my night stand. I’ve not reopened it since polishing off my copy. But afterwards I needed to shout about it and what I initially wrote is at a former Blogspot address, . So this bedside book remains in case I, or the new we, have our own celebration!

Next up is the Number Three Feel Good Great Book.