It’s nobody’s color when a bomb threat is included.  I feel it’s a tragic reflection of society, no?  Listen to your gut, I felt that something was wrong because we were so quickly evacuated but uniformed officials had no time to explain anything, blame them?  Frazzled, I had an important meeting to attend.  Transported back home is when I found out what was up, confirming intuition. A man on the same train, different car, was arrested. And see what I posted yesterday morning?  Being an optimist has risks.  Look:

Updated 03/23/12 10:10 A.m. Chicago (cbs) –the Chicago Transit Authority To Rerouted Red Line Trains Out Of The Subway Friday Morning, After Someone Reported A Passenger Was Carrying An Explosive. - News Results

The Chicago Transit Authority to rerouted Red Line trains out of the subway Friday morning, after someone reported a passenger...

The Chicago Transit Authority - My Color!

Green!  Three things, I read, I had a crazy past after a new beginning, and I’m green, as in an eco friendly hue.  The kind of green that brings forth images of – frogs. 

Around the clock there’s the CTA and it’s a healthier alternative to motor vehicles.  It’s vast, clean, efficient, and it's the second largest public transportation system in the nation. 

When I concierge-d my secret tip to hotel guests was to catch an elevated Brown Line train for sightseeing because it lets you see the city from a Superman distance, meaning it weaves above or between buildings. Oh, and the Red Line gets you directly to Wrigley Field or Comiskey.  And no, the CTA doesn't discriminate by using colors only.  It's a combination of colors and/or numbers.  

Out the door to go green, catch a Red, then a number to get me one block away from where I'm going, now, bye!