Just Not Into that Book?

Just not into that book Ladies, and/or men with intuition like a lady’s? “Trust your gut” you’ve heard. Yes, this is also the case when it comes to books. If it’s always good to you when you read it and you can allow it to have different meanings at different times and you always want to know it’s at home in case of a curl up in bed and read emergency, keep it. Don’t let anybody borrow it either because you might never see it again.

On the other hand, if uncertainty plagues you after the first read, drop it. Let your neighbor have it, they may love it. Or take that digital book and toss it across the universe because once again, who knows if those words have meaning to someone else?

It’s cathartic, trust me.

“There goes Lucky Cull, learning the hard way again!” Today Sheila's learning to run hard and fast, catch you in Virtual!

by Sheila Cull