चूसे यौर Battles

Yesterday, I landed in Windows Media and having this computer for five years using the Internet, files for documents, composing only, I was in utter disbelief that my/this (lovingly named!)computer even had the capacity? Ha, I did not know, still barely know, what Windows Media is. In addition my Facebook, oh so nice, people I know from the Chicago area left their photos on my FB Wall and they transferred unknowingly into this Windows Media.

The great news? The screen colors are distinctively brighter, the music is almost brand new its so improved, it's zapping-ly fast, and I'm more in control, love the control!

The other news? I've too much to learn already, I learn more and then of course, I want more. Now this computer gizmo stuff, more time I predict. Now I know what "choose your battles" means, I'll proceed accordingly. But who am I to complain? I'm a Lucky Cull!

Sheila Cull