History Turns Me On by a Lucky Cull

American Civil War, 1862-65, 150 years old versus Chinese Feng Shui, 4,000BC and 4,000BC is the better part of China’s great Neolithic Stone Age. Or the 150 tiny years old American Civil War versus the heavenly Golden Ages, well, just too many thousands of years across varied lands so specifically, Spanish Golden Age Poetry and Emblems, roughly1500-ish for instance.

In America we’re all relatively recent immigrants, the exception being Native American physical earth appreciating populations. Giving Columbus credit, despite us never knowing who sailed in first, also 1500-ish. Next two thousand years, I think others sailed in and said, “This is where I shall hang my hat,” shot at Indians and began taking over, then 1700 tender years and more settlers and then 1780, 1790-ish a Constitution created, a President declared, all of a sudden, we’re at 1800 years old and Washington DC becomes the capital!

1835, 36, Texas declares independence from Mexico but doesn’t quite get there yet. Moreover when Texas turns official, it’s 1845, yes? Regarding that, who is it Texas won’t let in?

1861 Lincoln is president. 1862-1865 it’s unreasonably - THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR! What were we thinking? The uncivil American, grab your Springfield rifle to kill your neighbor man, war.

I’ve culled through this and I know (look at my source, actually look at his second book) indeed I know that the North weren’t actively choosing to bring along our African American population. They were instead, doing things like actively finding ways not to get involved with the uncivil war. Albeit there's one specific act, issue, document that did change ways for said. I think populations naturally merge, evolve, moreover, the North barely won The American Civil War to begin with. I do read a lot of misguided Civil War literature that makes it sound as though this is the reason for the war, nope. The good news is post Civil War we grew up as a multi cultural, ethnic, everything.

George Levy (nonfiction!) releases his second book by January 2012 via Pelican publishing for paperback copy and I will carry the e-book. It’s not for money, I’ve a nice day job; it’s for sharing his scholarly insights.

By the way, 1907 the most Europeans settled in North America and it fascinates me that (fiction!) The Jungle by Sinclair, 1905 (wait! I can't keep anymore dates straight!) was by the dude I described in a Post last week that really did go undercover as a Chicago meat-packer. The Jungle, a very best, researched fiction work that I love, love.

Let’s talk 150 years in a wide open space, rather any context, diminutive, it is. Yet if we look at where we’ve been as a people we can cinch a future with goodness. After all, our collective minds know by now what doesn’t work and what does.

by a Lucky Cull