Pelican Author George Levy is Diffidently Modest?

I talk about, promote George Levy's (seriously unrecognized, I think), fully researched by him too, first book. Now he's coming out with his second in two months. I'm lucky. I've learned to choose to gold.

But this is how stupid I am - I didn't realize that his attending U of C was special (even though I've a bro and sis that graduated U of I, still stellar!). Years past we met at a book fair and I didn't listen to a thing he said about the Civil War because I was pretty certain Chicago, like North, won this war or something. And just in the recent hour, I learned that his book publisher, Pelican, is outstanding, for example, school teachers reference Pelican education text books, for example.

His diffidently modest character simply puzzles me.

This is why I cheer about his quiet advancements. Go Go Go GL!

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