Newest Kindle Release Named "Kindle"

Amazon's Kindle, the newest one named appropriately enough, "Kindle", was just released in the UK for under one hundred dollars. It's lighter, smaller, less costly.

So, we have, the best version from the best seller in e-reading available at a hugely advantaged price relative to hard copy book buying, collection.

Amazon doesn't predict that these e-readers will get any smaller than this "Kindle", which is different from "Kindle Fire" because the latter's capacity includes more than than e-reading.

It takes three hours to charge with a USB. The number of pixels (whatever that means!) makes for reading in the sun without glare. The reading screen is six inches. It has no keyboard, but you can read anything on it and it fits in your pocket.

"Change is the one thing we can count on." Somebody said!

by Lucky Cull