lit by mary karr (Or on getting away with lower case for a title!)

This is, in my second lifetime as Sheila Cull, the most superbly written book I've read.  It's likely a good book for anybody in a lifetime because of Karr's word art mastery.

I don't relate to Karr, although I've been there and learned too, it's the way she manipulates words that makes for outstanding reading albeit a bit challenging at times. I relate more to her friend Deb as in I hit my head, woke up, couldn't move and re learned. Oh, except for Deb's biochemical researcher for NASA stint. Jeez could I learn tons from her but I better begin with math basics like dividing and stuff first.

In whatever form I've recycled many more books than I keep but this one's a keeper.

lit by author mary karr is a Memoir.