To Die In Chicago and What She Said

Gina Toman Boze gives us her To Die In Chicago/Chicago Camp Douglas (very classy lady I met through Social Media, she surely knows way more about Civil War History than me) review:

"I loved the book but I hated the atrocities that were ever put on those men! To read their story left me feeling sad and heart heavy. I thought that Professor Levy did an excellent job telling the facts and the stories of those who lived at Camp Douglas. His intense research is remarkable! I leave the book by my night stand and reread parts of it to get a grip on the info as it is extensive and I always relate it to my own bloodline, so when I say I hated the truths that are in it I meant I hate what happened to all those men, the torture, pain, agony, the hunger, the conditions, the deaths...and then my thoughts go to my gg-grandfather...."

Gina Toman Boze's cousin very recently became injured, a fifth tour in Afghanistan.  We wish him and his family the very best.