In Book Biz? Good Feng Shui Name Your Computer!

Feng Shui was kept secret by Chinese aristocrats, oh, only since about 4000 BC.  Interestingly, as recently as 1972 when Nixon visited China, is when American's began considering it and using it.

For over a decade, I've read a handful of books on Feng Shui and I know this - everything that surrounds you on a daily basis at your office, home, is a material derived from the earth.  Therefore, Feng Shui encourages you naming things, especially if it's important to you.  This is where computer's come in!  Publishers, editors, agents, readers, journalists, writing publications, readers, book clubs, etc., your computer is crucial, yes?

Give yours a name.  It may feel strange at first, you get used to it and then it becomes good Feng Shui!  You can name it anything.  Mine is affectionately named PJ.  Try?!

A Lucky Cull