Historical Fiction Titles! Yikes.

"I remember!  It's Devil in the White City, Larson"  I said to my love in regards to this one possible exception of a book being considered historical fiction.  Am I breaking any laws by not using cap's on h,f?  

The whole night I pondered how fundamentally out of character these two words, used together are, as a title!  

Historical Fiction!  How?

We have histories on one hand.  We have stories on the other.

If you disagree, I'd love to share that opinion with anyone here at this digital revolution!  We're having a digital resolution, solution, well, well, alright!

Do you go out of your way to read stories about real past events, knowing that the writer wasn't really there?  Historians, researchers, and stuff,  provides literature that a writer may cull from so that he can consider a word, for example.  

So if you disagree, I'd love to share you opinion.

It's good and safe to disagree - when in North America!  

by Lucky Cull