Finding the Best Books is the definition of Book Clubs!

How does one find the best books today?  Since I scraped and/or twisted through layers of time culling through bad advice and good, I know an answer!  We ask Book Clubs!  Then all of this digitizing is safe because beginning with the written word, who did we trust?  Book Clubs!  Who do we trust even more today?  Book Clubs!

The ones I pick, free!  The first is Cafe Libri.  At this club we have a cool, informal circle, where no printed material is turned away.  Here, the time required to reach discussions, conclusions, is near effortless!  I visit the cafe via Yahoo and it is the original Cafe Libri creation. It's always available!  Discussion is in open ended format!

My favorite part is that they encourage you to just begin an opinion on a book.  I thought, I can do that!  I'll most certainly form opinions about George Levy's books, and a lot from my favorite genre, memoir, I can read what other's say, read about other books, all while I wrap my paws around a mug of hot pumpkin spiced coffee.

And Cafe Libri does every genre!  Actually it has more categories than you can name, laugh out loud.  And we've only just begun!

Cafe Libri

by Lucky Cull