Want More Social Media? Do Not Work From Home

If you think working from home is say, easy, think again. Oh, before writing and doing public relations from home, I was warned. Individuals that work from home, excuse the redundancy, can take one of several routes. For example, you could muster constant excuses to not work. Or you may be disciplined enough, one way or another, to become advanced in the act of balance. Or an overwhelmed workload might have you losing track of the current day, date, time, month.

Once I read an article about the pros and cons of work at home. The pros, a given. The cons? It's always there.

In my individual home space I lack doors to my office. Indeed, studio is large. My walk in closet with doors, an option to at least having a physical barrier to my office, if it weren't for the nearness of the bathroom, negative Feng Shui. My kitchen, tried, Feng Shui? No.

When I shut down, so to speak, I read. How then to shut down work when there are a billion general to specific things to study?

Goal out loud: To advance in the act of balance.

In the meantime, laugh out loud, I'm certainly not complaining. Hard to believe, but I seriously wish I had more Social Media-ing time. But I work from home.