Treasured Archives and Video Link

Treasured Archives Video Link

I often refer to George Levy’s magnificently researched first book.  This revelatory nonfiction piece culled forth from existing documents, tucked under lock and key, in this country’s archival sanctuary, The National Archives and Records Administration.

Washingon D.C.'s National Archives preserves government and historical documents. In 1934, the National Archives were established to centralize federal records.

I also often refer to Spanish Golden Age publications by John T. Cull on the subjects of theatrical play openings and emblematic literature. The National Archives of Spain are protected by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, and they have several collections in different locations. For example, the 1712 National Library building contains many of Spain's historical archives. Centered in Spain, Madrid became the capital in the year 1561.

Where would we be without these precious archived documents? Because to know our world's history, is to know ourselves.

Washington D.C., United States. Madrid, Spain. 

Sheila Cull

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