When I Cheat I'm Lucky

By this I mean, when I'm not behind the computer researching, submitting, writing, editing, and re, re, re editing, I read.  I feel guilty because I need to work.  But, the great news is that reading, at least I think, will only improve my writing skills. 

Not that it feels good to cheat.  But cheating by reading?  It could be worse, I know.  In this second lifetime, or, growing up again, I had ways of cheating that should have destroyed me.  Which brings me to my memoir.  If I'm not working, say, on an assigned article, I could be editing that 60,000 word, not yet released manuscript.  Not yet released because I completed only the first version, now it's time to go back and get it ready for a literary agent.

The thing about working from home and writing is, at least for me,  I work, usually, seven days a week.  The exception being days that I just - read.  So more good news is that by writing, reading, I'm never bored.

So what do you do when you cheat?