First Lifetime Book Return But -

WALMART PRICED books aren't returnable. I felt  surprised because I know that there are retail book sellers that do return your money, bucks, dough.  Knowing this, I used to think, "Yeah right, people just read 'em and return 'em, how lowly unethical, duh."

But I'm the exception, just kidding. Now I understand how folks may have a legitimate book return reason.  Mine was tossing three newly stocked paperbacks in my cart after reading the title, not the cover page.

"The Baxter Family Coming Home" by Karen Kingsbury was an $11.99 waste, I quickly concluded, once I got it home and did read the cover page.  Let's just put it this way, it wasn't my thing.  So not my thing that of the myriad of books I've bought, including bad ones, I felt that indeed, my book return reason was too legit to quit. 

I race walked back to Walmart before they closed and said, "I just bought this, I didn't even have time to read it, but I read about it, and, I'm sorry, I need to return this one."

The cashier wearing a Store Manager badge replied, "No, I'm sorry.  Absolutely no return on books."

Stuck with it, I polished off the other two paperbacks and thought, "Darn, nothing new to read."  Reluctantly I read the first page of the first chapter, with a premature assumption that I wouldn't make it through. I pictured myself leaving it as a charitable donation atop the corner news stand.

Feeling more surprised that it wasn't returnable - it was a story that I, um, enjoyed.

Lesson learned?  You really can't judge a book by its cover.

Sheila Cull, Lucky Cull, at Twin Cull, LCWW42-15646853