Female Author versus Male Author, really, please, really.

Hey, WALMART PRICE $5.99, Roberts The #1 New Your Times BESTSELLER, 'SAVOR The MOMENT', book three in the bride quartet, about wedding flowers, and MOB/ MOV cat fights, and a sweet, romantic hook?  Read it, loved it.  Couldn't wait to get sleepy at night, to slumber sleep at same time to sweet dreams, until the last page.  




My "bedtime emergency book" had me scour a certain WALMART bookshelf for a reasonably priced paper back. WALMART PRICE, $7.49, James Patterson #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, TICK TOCK.  I tossed it in my cart and sighed, "better than nothing,". Printed above TICK TOCK in big letters it reads, THE SON OF SAM, THE  WEREWOLF OF WISTERIA. AND THE MAD BOMBER ARE ALL BACK. After that speed read about Glock 21 firearms, bombs, a chaotic New York City because of one deadly mastermind, that one city cop killed, after deadly masterminds killing spree, I thought about using TICK TOCK for bathroom paper.




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