Camp Douglas Prison Records Appear To Include Black Confederate Soldiers (Chicago)

Camp Douglas Prison Records Appear To Include Black Confederate Soldiers

Controversy about whether blacks served in the Confederate army continues to boil in Civil War New.  While USCT military  service and pension records on the Union side are well documented in the National Archives, you will not find the South identifying black soldiers.  The article begins, Civil War News excerpt, May 2010, by George Levy.

Recently I wrote a blog about being proud to be an American, a reaction after reading "Schindler's List" by Keneally. Several days ago, sorting through my collection of papered documents, I stumbled upon this and thought, "Yes, we Americans have come so far, this is only 150 years ago!"  Relative to, say, the years 1,500 - 1,600, Spanish Golden Age.

Furthermore, yesterday, I read an internet news piece about how much more civilized the United States of America's election, voting process is, relative to many other countries.

My personal feeling is that  extremists that hate and bash America, happen to be jealous.  Jealous of our quickly evolving liberties, human righteousness, and the ability to learn from past mistakes.  Mostly because America, is still, so new. 

MB910220944 Really, when you read of a country thousands of years older, and poorer than us, and then you read a 2012 article about a female flirting with a male, and her being executed because of it, would not you feel ashamed of the absolute barbarity?  Would not you then, be envious of this United States of America?

Proud to be an American, I am. 

Sheila Cull

Us Lucky Culls