A Walmart Paperback!

For $5.99, and for a week worth of entertainment, I read:  "SAVOR THE MOMENT" by Nora Roberts. 

It's book number three in the Bride Quartet series.  Unless my neighborhood Walmart plans to carry any other of the books in this series, I'll miss out.  But this one alone, worth the price, cute as can be.

It's a book for women.  Four forever friends grown, establish their own venue to host weddings at. The point of view is mainly from one of the four, the baker of the elaborate wedding cakes, and of course she falls in love.

It had me hooked, and when I closed the book last night I was bummed that it ended.  We know it's not the best fiction we'll ever read, but you can't go wrong priced as it is, engaging as it is, and that's true for all of Robert's books I've read thus far.

Go, go, Nora Roberts!

Lucky Cull