Walmart Diamonds -New J.K. Rowling!

Nope, not those cast a spell bewitching, fantasy-ish books Rowling is so famous for. After all, that collection of hocus-pocus is children's literature.

"Casual Vacancy" for adults is a delight. Thank goodness her first adult work of fiction is uber realistic. Hooked from the beginning I thought, "No wonder she's a billionaire."

If you haven't read it, don't expect the best fiction piece ever, but it leaves you wanting more, it's charming. Rowling's first for adults, there is no mistaking that her writing style is not that of a beginner.

At Walmart yesterday, after my peanut butter bread, bread and vitamins, I practically ran to the back wall to see about new books. Like I said before, this new Walmart store frequently changes their collection. Immediately seeing "Casual Vacancy", I readied to do cartwheels, but decided against it.

Two happy thumbs up.