How to be your own best cheerleader!

Be your own best cheerleader. In today's world, stress is an easy escape to feel trapped in. When we think sad, hostile, resentful, powerless thoughts, you create a frame that’s going to hold the a photograph of those in emotions. We are indeed capable of changing that that frame. By making an effort of cheering yourself on, you’ll have immediate confidence, energy and motivation.

The best news is: it’s as simple as a thought. This is how you override nasty stressful triggers and begin the flow of cheerful, energizing thoughts. Which of course turn into positive results, then further lessens the catastrophic toll of a neurosis.

In order to shift your frame of thoughts overshadow the words in your mind from those that carry negative connotations to good ones. Even if at the moment, that’s the last thing you feel like doing. This shift becomes automatic once we develop this into a habit. You are responsible for controlling your thoughts, and this is what you experience as your reality.

The key to this, change your ‘self’ talk; change the words you use, choose different words.

For example, instead of thinking, “I’m late, now my whole day is ruined.” Turn that into, “I may be running late but I’m grateful I got up this morning and the rest of my day will be easy and happy.” Or instead of thinking, “I ate way too much last night, now I feel like a disgrace.” Change that to, “Today is another day for which I’m grateful. Today I’ll eat healthy food when I’m hungry and stop when I’m satisfied.” Or make, “Why doesn’t my significant other understand?” Into, “This moment I accept him as he is.” Another example, you can switch, “I hate that my kids never do what I tell them,” to, “I have choices. I can go online and research more effective way to discipline my children.”

At first, choosing different words and phrases might feel arduous. In this case, spend a bit of time writing down notes, or emailing to yourself, alternative, healthier words, sentences. As time goes on the positive ‘self’ talk will become effortless. And you’ll likely notice the benefits rather quickly.

Every emotion of feeling you have is generated by a thought. Thoughts are strings of words formed in your head. Change those words and watch your world change.

In society today we can empower ourselves by focusing on our options rather than focusing on what’s eating you. You have the freedom to make choices. If the first or second choice is inauspicious we have the option to walk down another path.

The glass if half full, so remember that you always have the option to shed light on your situation by considering the words you say to yourself. Now you’re on your way to seeing the rainbow through the forest.

by Sheila Cull

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