Golden Age Play Spotlight

The Golden Age: the profoundly meaningful development of art in all its forms.

Let’s take the Spanish Golden Age theatrical expression as an example that, by the 15-1600 dates alone you’d think began, perhaps, as a crude art form. Yet misunderstandings here have potential for hasty conclusions.

Passionately studied, the complexities of theatrics that we take for granted has evolutionary roots in the Golden Age.

A Spanish Golden Age scholastic review by John T. Cull brings to to my reading attention the narrowed, focused specifications of theatrical evolution. I am shocked that play openings are so complex, yet appear so subtle. Meaning a Spanish Golden Age play writer would experiment with hundreds or thousands of, for example, different types of auditory effects until he discovered the sound that would quiet an audience prior to his play.

But it's not only that; Golden Age play openings have everything to do with contemporary literary theory.

Amazing, this deserves a spotlight!