An Author and a Fraud

We have Sylvia Day, "Bared to You", and did you read any of the three "Fifty Shades" by E L James? Does this ring familiar, "Eva, you're mine", repeatedly, how about Eva, the protaganist saying, "my sex" or Eva's mother and more than one stepfather, or the ultra wealthy, most handsome man on earth as a possesive protaganist, or "Oh Gideon," or, surprise, surprise, Eva is the first woman to be seen in public with Gideon as more than a friend? There are far too many sex scences, at the least the ones in "Fifty" were planted there for a reason.

Aren't there copyright laws? The copyrights on "Fifty Shades Freed" and "Bared to You" are both 2012, meaning, Day had time to literally copy James first two. Moreover, aside from being an imposter, "Bared to You" is a bore.

My first New York Times Bestseller disappointment.

I'm half way through and will finish, that's just my book reading style. But if you're anywhere near Chicago today and hear someone yell, "Copy Cat!" It's me.

Vista/XP, let's try again, please don't let me down.

Twin Cull