Who's in a Movie Making Mood?

"Me!"  I raised my hand and jumped in place.

The video's audio files are culled from previous posts.  I knew something would happen with those pile high files.  Moreover, I  prefer videos to Podcasts. Remember that New Age study I did for the recent New Age book series? For example, Hick writes, "...the purpose of your life is joy."  This New Age ideology is so hip, it's groovy. That said, a two to three minute daily video will (hopefully!) be a click away.

In the meantime, returning to a metaphorically in need of dusting memoir manuscript has me juiced.

Shawn my twin is famous for saying, "It's all good," and that's how I feel every moment.  Just kidding.  Disguised as a struggle, it's a balancing act, in the moment, aware, breathing, appreciative, open, and stuff.  But life and everything that is, is worthy of a counterpoise.

Yes? (!)

Oh, this post is in honor of my sister Chrissy who has her morning coffee with a stable of horses.

Sheila Cull