This Topic Now:

The Spanish Golden Age versus the American Civil War. From the myriad of geographical eras, these two distinct opposites, are the ones I choose to focus on.

As I’ve written, we have on one hand the absolute metaphor of light versus the opposite of dark.

Proliferation of expressive art form is why the Spanish Golden Age is considered golden. It was a time for cultivation of the human wit. It was the best of times.

The American Civil War - History tells us that this war, all wars, have their root in misunderstanding. The American Civil war was based on bigotry, and it was a worst of times.

Also formerly, I’ve described my reentry into a second lifetime. This topic my friends is what my second lifetime is dedicated to.

As we evolve as a species, especially in this day and age of global communication, we need, need, to learn from past and foolhardy, repeated, mistakes.

Let us come together, now, before it is too late.

Yes, we can.

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