So I've Got This New Collection of Videos

And I thought it was easy sharing them with you. Yet, it's still me feeling as though I'm in the arena with a wild bull (my computer) when tackling machine related issues. Oh, I've certainly come a long way. Although knowledge is dangerous. The more I learn, in this case about computer technology, and I think this applies to everything, again, the more I learn, the more I see how much there is I don't know. Also, I understand it would take (me at least) multiple lifetimes to learn everything there is to learn concerning said technologies. Moreover, computer-onics involves newness must learns on a seemingly daily basis.

My new collection of videos is on my Microsoft profile. I just got an idea. Laugh out loud, stay tuned.

Time Out
I want to Shout
I've got the Spirit but Can't Control It
So let it Loose and Rock 'n Roll
Computer Stuff is Really Tough
That's Okay, It's Hot Stuff

Is your seat belt buckled?

Sheila Cull
Twin Cull
Lucky Cull Reads Book
Levy Cull World Wide