"Guess what's up my sleeve?" I said and giggled.

Up my sleeve, 26 individual alphabetical letters - I'm donkey-like learning what combinations of three or four of these letters can really mean.  For example, "Hey, vlc, thumbs up, takes up my spare time.!"  Or, "I'm all about odp's."  And, "wlmm, rocks, it's my life.!" 

Oh, and "B", I beg forgiveness, let's here it for beginnings.  "W", if you've thought (doubt it) twice about me being a wibbly-wobbly blogger, I'm sorry.  

Conclusion:  "It's all good," said my twin brother Shawn.  But he's not my only twin brother, just my fraternal twin brother.  

More Surprises Coming Soon!

Sheila Cull
Four Twin Culls
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