Big Time Recent Chicago Civil War Archaic Find

Indeed, it is Levy himself who is responsible for the Archaeological goldmine discovery, just last week.

The first Chicago Civil War Camp Douglas excavation site, near 31st and Rhodes, uncovered limestone that is believed to be the foundation for Camp Douglas and its Garrison Square.

Untold history prior to Levy's investigation, the whole of what was Chicago's role in the Civil War, is of the magnitude of Andersonville.

Solely, George D. Levy's impeccably researched book, To DIE in CHICAGO: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas,1862–1865, has an Epilogue with closing sentences that read:
“Like the university, which died and was reborn, the camp is covered with ice and snow again. For the prisoners who are lost in Chicago, the winters never end. For those who reached Oak Woods, Camp Douglas is eternal.”

As excitement spreads, more official digs planned, and proliferating interest, Levy's major contribution certainly grows in appreciation.

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