The Archaeological Dig Find!

The lowdown - George D. Levy's scholarly studies and writings have led to what I've described as the discovery of metaphorical gold. Included in a collection of dig related photos that I'll share in movie format by next week, is the golden artifact, limestone, strongly believed to be that of Camp Douglas Garrison Square headquarters.

At Chicago's 31st and Rhodes, the three dig units determined, it wasn't until they hit sand amongst the dirt, that they knew they were on to something. The presence of sand indicates native soil.

What happens next is that the found artifacts are bagged for further analysis.

The Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation, responsible for this worthy dig, joined together a solid team of players. These players include Mr. David Keller of the Foundation, Dr. Scott Demel, Mr. Ted Karamanski, Chicago historian Robert Girardi, Rebecca Graff archaeologist, students, including those of Northern Michigan and Loyola University, volunteers, the Chicago Park District and The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation.

The endeavor's first phase ended on June 30th, 2012.

A big congratulations to all.

Sheila Cull
A Lucky Cull
at Twin Cull
Levy Cull World Wide