Proud of America

One more thing regarding the finishing of Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally.  I feel I must relay that I'm proud of the cultural blending advancements America molds.  In this case, and I'll explain why, the recognition of the American Jewish population. 

Excuse the redundancy, but I could not believe that this genocide happened so relatively recently.  I was born in 1965, and it blows my mind that in 1965 there was still "Hitler=ism" going on in parts of Europe.  Since I remember nothing prior to the age of 18, I wouldn't know if I knew of this, but I do know that I did not grow up with a feared bias against any population, or group, or religion, or race.  Why?  Because I grew up in an America that itself was growing up.  

Towards the end of Schindler's List by Keneally, after the war, when Schindler himself had to go somewhere to hide, due to his heroic efforts to not only save the lives of some 1,900 Jews, but to really take care of them and treat them with dignity, Schindler is unsure of a direction to take.  Yet he knew from the BBC that the United States forces included many of Jewish origin.  Schindler and those traveling with him were hiking through the woods when they came across Americans and they finally felt they were on safe ground. They were then met with Jewish infantrymen and a field rabbi.  There were tears and applause and embracing.

This instance says, "Be proud to be a citizen of this country!"  Despite my also feeling that America sticks their nose in too many foreign affairs.  Yet the freedom to have these mixed feelings, and then to share them, is another example of an advancement.  

This social molding indeed gives America a clear advantage.

Are you an American?  Are you proud?

Sheila Cull
A Lucky Cull
One of Four Twin Culls