Miracles Happen All the Time?

A springtime day last summer, l wrote this because I felt this way. Wow?  I think you may be able to feel happiness vibes through my writing, of this conveniently short paragraph:

Creative Accomplishments They Feel Groovy (was my title)

They feel sensational. This is why I awake at two am to write. All my composition chunks of time aren't consistently sensational, or even productive for that matter. Although I've found that no matter what stage of my career I'm at, the discipline to achieve that accomplished lucidity, surely makes my tummy rumble with positive vibes.

Then today, I felt exactly the same about the exact same thing.  I can't believe I wrote that either.  It must've been at five am.  And the good news is, I didn't even have to open any programs to get it either, it fell in my lap.

Sheila Cull
A Lucky Cull
After Her Twin Culls