A True Story of Trust

“Sheila Cull?  Good news, a client selected you from 120 others to represent them for the packaging show, availability?”

My headshots remained with Chicago modeling agencies.  I forgot to call and mention the coma.  It was after the catastrophe; the same time I was re learning that two plus two equals four. 

“Really?  Package?  I have to package something?” I asked.

“You've never done a Trade Show?”  The agent asked.

I paused.  “I don't think so.”

She said, “It's four consecutive days, you stand and smile.  It pays five hundred a day, can I book you?”

“Oh my God?  Yes!”  I shouted. 

Trade Show modeling at Chicago's McCormick Place, I used to get hired, but never a second time. Brain damage recovery is slow.  My mental and physical aberrations were too obvious.  But the photo didn’t show anything mental or physical.  Instead it showed my face and hair.  Executives of the world’s top companies, those Trade Show clients, are proof that you can’t trust just a picture.
Sheila Cull