Sister Smokey

Sister Smokey Essay Excerpt:  (About yet another sister!)
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From: Thursday, May 05, 2011
Plus, my brothers and sisters are outstanding. Small example: one of my middle sisters, Smokey, was our large high school prom queen. She’s flawlessly beautiful and pristine and I’m disappointed. I hoped she’d turn out different. But, Martha Stewart has a fraternal twin that she doesn’t know about. And it’s Smokey! Smokey happens to beat Stewart when it comes to quality of life. I wished Smokey had different men’s names tattooed all the way down her arms to her fingers. I would love to see Smokey and/or Stewart point at a lovely, gourmet dish, with tattooed fingers. Or, it would be cool if Smokey had earlobes that dropped because she wore too heavy earrings, too often. The problem is – she’s too friggin perfect.

See?  Again, this automatically turns any path that I take, into devious.