Millevoix and Smith

The piece below is my favorite from my sheila-cull blog address and after you read it, you'll understand.  I can't just copy and paste one of his paintings, like I used to.  Well, I could but my stomach would fill with guilt because I'd be stealing sandwiches.  That's funny?  Stealing sandwich.  Below is what I wrote and if you get a chance to manipulate the web, you'll find delightful examples:

Fritz Millevoix is my favorite artist. He's from Haiti and I got introduced to his work via the lovely Nicole Smith of Nicole Smith Galleries, also from Haiti. Yes, I know I should be publishing interviews that I condcuct with Smith, will do, just need more time.

Millevoix's work fascinates me because Haiti is and has been, filled with poverty. When I see the unbridled joy in Millevoix's work, I become filled with hope for Haiti.Therefore, where is this poverty line drawn? Surely nowhere near Millevoix and his inner light, soul or spirit.

Sheila Cull