Killer Great Lesson for You

Lesson: an example of what you don't want impeding your creative energy get go, especially when you're already feeling good, say, mid morning style, awake vibes.  Because if you do, there are hours that you could say were, "okay," rather than, hours wound up and stressed.  I think gizmo-y literature is what forms a knot in my stomach.  This knot tries to maintain a loose grip, yet those life sucking combinations of words, they know how to tug. So I learned the hard way, but look at this, you benefit.

The digital resistance is me, I don't know about you.  I'm just saying, don't even think twice, think of an alternative.  I know this. I also know why I do this - I always say, "I learn the hard way."  Breathing helps, but it's simply time badly spent.  But you get a good lesson, look at that.

And look at this!  Now my body is starting to untwist.  I appreciate you. 

The mistake below will get you nowhere.  Lastly, don't ever tell anybody you learn the hard way. 


Sheila Cull
Us Lucky Culls