To Love a Character

Do you ever love a character in a book?  Any book, any genre?  I think that people can and will fall in love with another human being portrayed through the eyes of an author.  I happen to feel that if the author is excellent, the character portrayed will have a more significant meaning.  Albeit, to read is personal, and a character you love I may not and visa versa.

You could likely name a fiction character you love rather quickly, perhaps immediately.  As for nonfiction, the same thing applies.

Then you pick up a nonfiction book that captures you, the characters capture you, then they die.  And they don’t just die, they leave this earth in such an ugly way that even though it’s described for you, it’s unimaginable it’s so horrid.  This is likely why I read less history than memoir.  I’ve said a number of times, the truth certainly can hurt. So you love a character in a history book, he goes to war, suffers and dies. I'm closing that book right now.

But the good news is that I just picked up a couple of novels.  Laugh out loud, fiction!  Now it's safe to love a character!