Motivational Books!

In an attempt to further deflect last Friday’s misgivings, we’ll talk Motivational Books for the rest of the week! How can such a genre of literature be disliked? If you’ve read, say, over three motivational books in your lifetime and decide on a best, even if you feel it’s shabby writing, it can’t be bad because it’s good. A book about feeling good is a good definition of Motivational Books, yes?

One of my biggest secrets out of the closet – I station four of my best on my nightstand in case of an emergency. As I’ve mentioned I recycle, relative to those special keeper’s. And as a Feng-Shui-er, my nightstand is home only to necessities. So my favorite four Motivational Books, and my current book, are the ones I curl up with.

Therefore, starting tomorrow we have a Motivational Book countdown:  Top Five of Feel Good Great Books.

These books are all by famous authors because these are feel good books that are really good. Lastly, c’mon, can you really say the words book, and good, too often?