Terry Jean

How do I say thank you to a sister that’s given up years of her life so that I can have a chance at a life of my own?  My sister Terry talked to me (along with my sister Chrissy, you’ll hear about her soon) the whole time that I was in a coma that I wasn’t supposed to wake up from.  Terry made a miracle happen with her love.  After waking up from the coma, I couldn’t sit up, walk, lift my head, say the alphabet, tie my shoes or give directions to my house.  But Terry was there.  I remember once when I was still in a wheel chair, we were at a physical therapist appointment, and she was applauding because the therapist turned on music and I sat on the floor and with my hips tried to rock side to side in rhythm to the music.

Oh, and long after friends and boyfriends come and go, how do I say thank you to somebody who remembers me on all occasions? 

Goodness, how do I thank Terry, always there to accept my phone calls and give me sound advice?  How do you thank somebody for loving you and caring about you unconditionally when feel like nobody else does?

Terry took the position as the monarch of our large family after our parents died.  I still miss them, so much.  Yet even the thought that Terry is always there with love, in the same way that my parents were, brings me comfort.  When I think of Terry, I can wipe away the tears.  This photo of her was on my dying father’s last birthday morning.  We had a long night but what I love about this photo is her smile.  I adore her smile. 

Lastly, how do you say happy birthday to someone like this?  Should I simply say happy birthday?  Okay.  But it just doesn’t seem adequate.  Well, let me try it.  Okay, here it goes…

Happy Birthday Terry Jean!

I didn't do a thing to deserve an eldest sister like her.  See?  I'm a Lucky Cull.