I haven’t veered from my favorite book genre, I’ve added to it is all. 

I choose to read, READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN by Azar Nafisi, in the first place because it was categorized with other memoirs, and under the title it reads, ‘A Memoir in Books’. In Nafisi’s nonfiction of course, memoir, she is a university teacher and what does she teach?  Fiction. 

But, what I did not know, is how stuffed chock full of social history this memoir is, has. Books have the power to transform and indeed, this book has changed me. I comb through her words to gain an understanding of the fullest magnitude of what a repressed regime is, Iran, right now.  Nafisi escaped this regime, barely.  Maybe you know all about these regimes but in my second lifetime, how can it not frighten me that this controlling regime is in our world right this second?  And women in Iran do not have the freedom to choose, to choose anything.

References to this book are sure to come along with carefully selected others. 

Moreover, instead of straying from a path, I’m heading down one as we compare the Golden Age versus the American Civil War, or any wartime.  And it is nothing short of a learning choice

Let’s hear it for choice, and in that context, choosing the best.  Yes?

Sheila Cull
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