Table of Contents for a Civil War History Book

Like I said yesterday, maybe I can share this? Listed below are each of George Levy's nonfiction 21 Chapters and not too far past. Specifically there's at least one word in the Chapter headings that uses mal- word/s and/or has mal- intent. Regarding Chapter 4, the second definition from the free Merriam-Webster online dictionary, concerns, unlawful people.

1. The War Capital of the West

2. Troubles at Camp

3. Creating a Prison System

4. The Confederacy in Chicago

5. Charges of Mismanagement

6. The Conspiracy of 1862

7. The Iron Rule of General Daniel Tyler

8. Biological Warfare

9. Daring Escape from White Oak Dungeon

10. Cruelty Under Colonel De Land

11. Unfit for Use

12. The Fall and Rise of a Commandment

13. The Beat of a Different Drummer

14. What a Child Saw at Camp Douglas

15. The Puny Boys of Summer

16. Whether 'Tis Nobler in the Mind

17. The Long Winter of the Confederacy

18. The Tower

19. Winding Down the War

20. An End to Chivalry

21. Lost in Chicago

That's enough for today, yes? Thank you.

Sheila Cull