Lucky Mistakes and Confusion

Clearing things up, I was confused. George Levy researched all of this and this is exactly what he wrote on page 79, 80 of his remarkably untold, "To Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas 1862-65", excerpt below:

Coincidentally, Henry W. Bellows of the U.S. Sanitary Commission sent a negative report on the camp to Colonel Hoffman. "Sir; The amount of standing water of unpoliced grounds, of foul sinks, of unventilated and crowded barracks, of general disorder, of soil reeking with miasmatic accretions, of rotten bones and the emptying of camp-kettles is enough to drive a sanitarian to despair," Bellows moaned.

Huge mistake and lesson for Lucky Cull. There are other quotes out there regarding this but this is straight from a horse's mouth. Lucky learns from mistakes, yes. Lucky knows (my) George D. Levy is working on new project now, won't notice. And luckily I noticed that a quote within a quote by an author wasn't somehow cutting it. Chalk one up for Lucky!

Sheila Cull