Wonder what kind of research goes into To Die In Chicago by George Levy? This is before we even get to the Bibliography where he has listed hundreds of sources, but after Chapter 21, after the Epilogue we have...

Notes -

Abbreviation After First Citation:

CHS-Chicago Historical Society
CWTI-Civil War Times Illustrated
GO-General Order
ISHL-Illinois State Historical Library
LOC-Library of Congress
NA-National Archives
OR-Official Records of the War of the Rebellion
RG-Record Group in the National Archives
SO-Special Order
USAMHI-United States Army Military History Institute
VRC-Veteran Reserve Corps

Yup, just for starters! Then for example, the first Chicago Tribune reference I see is from 1861. I also happen to know that George Levy opened in the National Archives, previously unopened Chicago Tribune documents during the several years he spent there researching for this book. Phew.

This makes what I know about his soon to be released second book, uber exciting!

a Lucky Cull