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Here it goes - I have a story to tell and my idea was to finish a memoir twelve months after every other genre attempt.  Time's up and I'm on the fence.  On one side there's a newly created, edited manuscript at half the word count of a proper memoir and on the other side of this same fence, nothing.  The nothing side just sat and waited because it's nonfiction, can't make things up. Mistake after mistake followed by rare paid writing gigs and four hundred rejection letters, I'm ready!  Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

"Or listen." My sister Chrissy told me a few hours ago.

Not my twin but my other twin sister Chrissy, my sister Terry, and my mom, talked, touched and loved me during the brain stem trauma induced three week coma. I talk to Chrissy daily but I never asked because believe me, the truth can hurt. Chrissy and Terry.  I have two other sisters aside from them and I know only one thing, if you're going to wind up on life support with no chance, it helps to have eight other siblings and two parents on your team to help make you alive again.  Today, they still remember what took place.  I of course don't.

"No way!"

A Lucky Cull

Hope creates magic.  It brings you places.