Book replacement is Amazon Kindle (period!)

Picture an open field, and a donkey running into a tree trunk, hitting his thick noggin. This donkey runs into said tree too many times to count. Knowing this donkey, she'll eventually get around tree trunk. Wait! I know this donkey because if a computer gizmo is involved, it's me!

After all the (boring, laugh out loud) research on the e-book reading revolution that is the new Amazon Kindle line of products, if you simply want to switch a book for a Kindle meaning no color, pop ups, advanced degree in gizmos, you want - an Amazon Kindle. That's it! It's not Kindle Fire, it's not Kindle Ignite Fumes, it's simply Kindle. An Amazon Kindle does any digitized book, even from libraries. The Amazon Kindle is the friendliest and least costly.

This, you can curl up with, like a paper page turning book.

Any other donkey's out there?

a Lucky Cull