Twin Cull

I asked Blogger, "How do I move a blog between accounts?"

They answered, "Sign in to Blogger with Account 1, which we'll assume is the account containing the blog.Go to the Settings | Permissions tab. Click the Add Authors button and send an invitation to the owner of Account 2, the account to which you'd like to move the blog. Wait for the owner of Account 2 to accept the invitation. If you're sharing a computer, you'll need to sign out of Account 1 first, or each use a different browser. Once Account 2 has joined the blog, Account 1 can log in again and go back to the Settings | Permissions tab. Click the grant admin privileges link next to Account 2."

I say, "Which you'll assume? No, thank you but no, no."

Proceeding forward, this is my forever Blog home. (FYI, my same parents had nine offspring and included are two sets of fraternal twins, of which I belong.)