Amazon/Kindle Tablet Explanation! Ready to be read!

Amazon/Kindle Tablet (like I Pad) Sense To Flowered Baby Bloomers

Today, September 28, 2011, the Amazon/Kindle new Amazon/Kindle Fire came out (like I Pad) and the 2007 Amazon/Kindle now has a 2009 Amazon publishing company that will, I think as swiftly as Copy-Paste, spark a revolution in publishing hard copy books. The books that, actually the growing majority of us, Baby Ba Ba Boomers, learned reading from.

Recently a writer left his big, long standing publisher to go with the all encompassing Amazon. Today suddenly, every publisher of any author of any in print book that's ever existed, has a spike in blood pressure. This author swapped his contract with his former big publisher to the new Amazon publishing division for a 500,000 dollar digital/print contract. After likely having the option of hitting a button to sign a contract with Amazon, which in turn makes the book release process roll forward quickly and that quick rolling release date is a serious advantage.

It's late for me, one last thing, I read and/or twit (as in the verb twitter) daily and only follow winners in the now easily global book industry. I have great sources. If you're into books, just Follow who I do on Twitter.

Tomorrow, even shorter summation of: Amazon Fire Android vs. Google Android!

Peace out!

Sheila Cull